Project Management 

"I like to solve problems and keep clients happy"

 Whether you are installing new windows, having your house painted or tried being a general contractor to save money, project management service is a parachute of organization, contacts, relationships and experience. 

Over the past few years in the Seattle area, I have created a network of first-class subcontractors who show-up, make time for my projects and provide first class work. I know good vendors that supply high quality products and are cusotmer servive centered.

There are a slew of unlicensed subs and stress driven trades people that cause numerous problems despite all their promises. The art to getting a project completed is to build good relationships and hire experts. This is something that cannot be learnt on the fly without a high price and endless delays. 

I like to solve problems and keep my clients happy. I like my subs on the site providing great work and great advice with a smile. I charge a reasonable commission on all projects where I provide the vendors and sub contractors. I can also be hired on a retainer basis where you are billed hourly for my time. This can work better where a job needs to get done late in the project. Hiring me to help you from a projects inception or half-way through either way…I will get your job done the way you want it. 


What I provide…

  • Expert contract review with a construction attorney (fees apply)
  • Insurance, bond and license monitoring 
  • Plan and drawing reviews 
  • Assistance with permits and inspections 
  • Sub-contractor management 
  • Qaulity Control
  • Site Management 
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Vendor following up
  • Project Scheduling 
  • Value Engineering 
  • Client selection management 
  • Dispute resolution