General Contractor

"Your project is founded on good relationships"


I offer two services to my clients: general contracting and project management. Although the prior incorporates the latter. sometimes clients only need help to keep an existing project moving. General contracting involves a client hiring me to complete an entire project from beginning to end, everything from plans or drawings to the final inspection and the last lick of paint.

The process of starting, working and completing your project is founded on good relationships. When starting this journey there are many choices and many things to consider. This process can only be a success if both parties are on the same page with a shared vision. 

There are many builders in your area and choosing one can be a challenging dilemma. Simple put though, you can either shop for a builder or shop for a price. Shopping for a price or collecting estimates is a risk, as a price does not ensure a good experience.

You need to ask some basic fundamental questions because who you hire is going to be deeply involved in the improvement of your home. 

1. What is the criteria of the general contractor I envision for my project?
2. How much do I want to spend, is my budget realistic?
3. When do I want to start this project?
4. When do I need it to finish?

To find the best person that you can connect with, someone who understands what you want and shares your vision can take a little while. It might take few meetings and a few phone calls and emails. But no matter how long it takes, it will pay you back over and over again when you finally break ground on your new remodel project. 

My offer is simple. Call me and let’s talk on the phone first. This is a great single step with which to begin. If the phone conversation develops well, then we can progress from there.

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